Tasty knowledge nuggets, delivered with collaborative sauce, wrapped up in a fun networking environment. We find engaging topics, delivered by experts in the community to raise your game to the next level. These aren’t dull Powerpoint sessions. Come prepared to interact in a small setting.

Gangplank Sault Brown Bags occur every Wednesday at noon at the Sault Community Career Centre, at Spring and Queen. For more details on the events below, visit our Events Calendar on Facebook. All events are free and posted online afterwards.

Catch some of the great topics covered from all Gangplank locations in the video archives, including Mellow Moves to Make You Look CoolDisability as a Catalyst and Music Photography.

We’re always looking for people to present. Contact us about leading a session or suggest a topic idea. We’re also on Facebook, naturally.

Coming Up

June 6: Collaboration Over Competition

Instead of battling for the same piece of the pie, discover how two competing Gangplank Chandler companies have learned that by helping each other win, they both are more successful. James Archer, Managing Director of Forty and Ward Andrews, Principal and Founder of Draw Backwards will share stories on how they have competed and collaborated for work, the challenges and the opportunities its created.

RSVP on Facebook. Walk-ins welcome.

June 13: Agility Café

Having explored collaboration over competition last week, let’s put that new mindset to work by tapping into our collective knowledge.

Last year, Gerry Kirk ran a popular series of problem-solving sessions called Agile Cafe. At these events, you are the client and the consultant.

Format is simple. Come with a topic or two in mind or just an open mind. We’ll brainstorm at the beginning all the topics people want to discuss, then prioritize them. We’ll try and get through as many as we can. Learn from each other, find support, have fun. It’s an adrenaline rush, and when it’s over, it’s over.

See the results of past Agility Cafés at

RSVP on Facebook. Walk-ins welcome.

Past Events

May 9: Using Pinterest for Business

Nathan Smith, of Zynali Marketing Solutions, will be presenting about how you can leverage the fast growing Pinterest platform to grow your business. Bring your own lunch, and learn while you eat. Bring your questions too, as this is going to be an interactive session…not a speech.

May 16: Are You Too Busy for Health?

You can busy yourself out of business, out of relationships, and even out of health. Learn strategies from Candice Esposito of Algoma Natural Healing Clinic to find that elusive work-life balance for the sake of your health and find out why the “urge to improve” may be an obstacle to cure holding you back from achieving optimal wellness.

May 23: The Fail Whale Can Be Your Friend

This presentation will be a fun approach to failing, learning from your mistakes and powering your way to success. It will look at being fearless, taking chances and not being afraid to come face-to-face with the Fail Whale, calling him your friend and learning the lessons that he has to teach. Pulling from personal experience Curt O’Neil will lead this humorous (unless he fails) presentation from start to finish discussing certain failures that have led him to his currently successful business as a photographer.

May 30: The Power of Public Speaking/Presentation Skills to Promote Your Business

Communication is at the heart of every business. Great products and services that people don’t understand the value of will fade away. Walk away with practical tips on how to convey your offerings in this engaging format.

Susan Hunter is a published author and professional speaker, and currently the Director of Marketing and Communications at Sault College.

She writes a monthly educational column for the Sault Star, hosts an on-live TV show called Daytime on Local 2 and does corporate training and speaking engagements on relevant issues including what is needed to thrive in a changing workplace and society.

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